Innovation Brunchs

Meetings that show the most disruptive technologies and how they influences in the business and society. They are dedicated to innovation lines in specific fields that allow knowing the tendencies that are configured in that area, as well as the experts of the sector.

The Brunchs are aimed at small and medium companies that want to innovate with the research institutions of the territory.

Past Brunchs

Online learning communities

Apr 30 / 2021

Despite the recent rise of e-learning, not all e-learning experiences respond to accessible and compatible technologies, nor to methodologies appropriate to their purpose.

Health Apps

Mar 05 / 2021

In the current pandemic, apps are a crucial resource for health systems, but they also present dilemmas.


Nov 27 / 2020

The smart fabrics of the future are developed with new materials and with innovative technologies, but also with a key to environmental efficiency.


Smart Rural

Oct 09 / 2020

We call Smart Rural the initiatives to articulate circular green economies of a local nature that seek to boost competitiveness in the rural world, providing multiple benefits of economic, social, environmental and territorial balance.


Jul 01 / 2020

In the Cloud age, connected devices and massive data generation, digital criminals can exploit organizations' vulnerabilities to manipulate computer infrastructure and steal data, with detrimental economic and reputational effects.

Smart sports

Feb 21 / 2020

This brunch provided the trends in the sports industry, such as wearable devices, intelligent sports clothing and biometric data management.

Biopharmaceutical production

Nov 29 / 2019

Pharmaceutical companies and research staff discussed innovations in the biopharmaceutical field.

Gamification and heritage

Oct 04 / 2019

Discussion of innovations in the development of simulations, games, collaborative applications, mobile devices and museum solutions.

Circular water

Jul 05 / 2019

Discussion on innovative circular economy practices applied to the water sector.

Microbial Resistance

May 24 / 2019

A collaborative project was presented between the companies ABAC Therapeutics, Draconis Pharma and Isoquimenera for the in vivo evaluation of new molecules with antibacterial activity.

Smart Food

Mar 29 / 2019

Presentation of the success story of the CIEN SMARTFOODS collaborative project between Laboratorios Ordesa and the Eurecat technology center.

Big Data in the social healthcare sector

Dec 14 / 2018

This Brunch discussed the challenges and difficulties of carrying out advanced analytical innovation projects in the healthcare system.

Product innovation in cosmetics

Nov 16 / 2018

In this session, the case of transfer between the Alba Synchrotron and the company Bicosome, spin-off of a CSIC research group, was presented.

Neuromarketing for the retail sector

Oct 26 / 2018

Experiences, lines of innovation and disruptive neuromarketing technologies applied to commerce, especially to improve the customer experience.

Digitalisation and exploitation of data in the public sector

Sep 28 / 2018

This session shown the transfer project between Sant Feliu City Council, the Computer Vision Center (CVC) and the Center for Demographic Studies (CED) focused on recovery and dissemination of historical patterns.

New packaging solutions for fresh foods

Jul 06 / 2018

IRTA and Carburos Metálicos presented their project collaboration for the development of a food container with a gas atmosphere.

Smart waste management: industrial symbiosis

Jun 08 / 2018

The collaboration between the company Distiller S.A. and the BIO-GLS Technology Center on waste treatment and biogas production. 

Solutions for smart mobility

May 11 / 2018

In this session was presented the transfer case between SEAT and the Computer Vision Center to develop mobility solutions. 

Sensors in healthcare

Apr 20 / 2018

The case of Devicare, developer of innovative solutions for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases, and its collaboration with the Group of Chemical Transducers (GTQ) of the IMB-CNM (CSIC), which develops new biochemical transducers based on different materials and interaction methods.